Comments and photos from our workshops

"I love the way you provide a safe and encouraging space to follow whatever comes up. Your feedback is always a reflection that supports and encourages our creative efforts."
Janice (repeat participant)

"Thanks for the inspirational and beautiful day. Both of you led me through the day with attention, warmth and a blend of knowledge. I left with a full and inspired heart."

"It was very important for me. Thank you for 'allowing' anything to happen. I will keep on comin' as long as you are doing it!"
Rebecca (repeat participant)

"Thank you so much. It was a wonderful day! All in all a great Feast and I loved the mixture of writing and drawing."

"You covered a lot of 'inner' space and everyone resonated very individually. 
I heard their 'voices' very clearly and it was rich. Thank you both for your offering."
Joanna (repeat participant)

"A very good day. It will give me food for thought for a long time. Enough time and easiness to develop ideas, and a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks for a wonderful day."

"I felt well encouraged and very supported.  I really liked your feedback on our work. 
I will come again. Thank you."

"Thank you so much for the nourishing day! It was wonderful for me!"

"I can’t imagine any better choice of Teachers, Chefs, Location and Group! It just has been a perfect day! Thank you all so much."
Bea (repeat participant)

"This was a wonderful way to be introduced to memoir writing, and the visual aspect grounded the insights I received. Thank you for all your work and love." Janice

"The pace was very nice, going from writing to listening to drawing. The setting was perfect - to be in a kitchen as food was prepared. The stories were absolutely amazing! Thanks for a great day."

"I feel happy and pleased. Thank you very much. I think you are guiding very well through all the themes."

"I found it to be a very accessible and easy way, through food memories, to contact situations in my childhood that were not always so easy and get a new perspective and then a new way to write about it and do artwork to get a visual vocabulary to illustrate the writing. It was a surprising journey through a simple topic about food that isn't really so simple... I found the resources totally interesting - things were funny and witty and serious. I appreciate 1000 percent the work that went into the resources. And it was totally fun!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed all three aspects of our day together…combining writing and painting: learning to express myself through painting... and drawing on that form of expression to enhance my writing as well as learning from others: not only their style of writing but how they choose to express their own personal stories. Bravo ladies!"

"It was a great day and I extremely enjoyed your inspiring company. Big bear hugs for the two leaders, they created such an encouraging atmosphere."