Writing: Miriam Sauls is a writer, theater producer, and documentary filmmaker who specializes in arts and culture and food. She has published in newspapers and magazines across the United States, and her documentaries have been shown in venues across the country as well. Her memoir/essay, "Remembering Daddy," was featured in Best Food Writing of 2003 (Marlowe and Company, New York). She is convinced one of the best ways to explore your own heart is through memories of food. She leads groups on tours to destinations including Haiti, Northern Ireland, Russia, and Kenya.

Visual Arts: Vernessa Riley Foelix is a painter and works in ceramics. She holds a Masters Degree in Art Education and has taught, exhibited her work and organized creative workshops for more than thirty years both in the United States and Europe. Currently she is living in Aarau, Switzerland. In addition to her career in art, she is trained in Marion Woodman's "Body Soul" work and followed Gabrielle Roth's "5 Rhythms Dance" under the instruction of Andrea Juhan. She is known for bringing people together of various backgrounds and ages for creative experiences that are both dynamic and spontaneous.